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Stop Throwing Your Orange Peels Out And Reuse Them In These Cool Ways

Oranges are great…once you get to their juicy centers, but if you’re like me, you become frustrated wrestling with their tough peels.

What’s their purpose after all, other than annoying citrus-craving consumers?

As it turns out, a whole lot! Other than the pure fact that the waxy skin protects the fleshy interior, there are a lot of nutrients in orange peels. Plus, you can use them for tons of things…so stop throwing them out and start doing this!

1. Make adorable little candles out of them using olive oil.

2. Get a garden going with an orange peel seed starter. When it’s sprouted, either plant it directly (the peel will decompose) or remove it from the orange.

3. Rub the peels on indoor plants to keep cats from clawing at them.

4. Chop up your peels and throw them in some hot water for a restorative tea.

5. Vinegar smells so bad but cleans so well…make an orange-infused version to win at the cleaning game!

6. Think you can’t eat orange peels? Think again with this candied recipe!

7. Make orange extract with some peels and vodka.

8. If your garbage disposal is smelling funky (it is), just run a peel or two in it to clean it up and keep it fresh.

9. Add peels to your composting pile to reduce the stench.

10. Prevent those sweet brown sugar morsels from becoming rock-hard by storing the stuff with a peel or two.

11. Dry your peels and turn them into efficient fire starters.

12. Provide sustenance for friendly birds (and probably a few squirrels) with this peel bird feeder.

13. Want to make your home smell super fresh? Simmer orange peels in some water along with any other desired ingredients.

14. This super-tough orange peel soap will get rid of grease and dirt stains from hands in no time!

15. You can also make a sugar body scrub from the peels.

16. The recipe isn’t very different for edible infused sugar — throw it on any dessert.

17. You can also make an orange oil — this is great for baths and has been known to improve skin tone and reduce anxiety.

(via A Cultivated Nest)

Honestly, I may never throw these nifty peels out again…that is, unless I want to get rid of a fishy smell from my garbage disposal!

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